LASIK Side Effects

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Published: 22nd July 2008
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Patients who are considering a LASIK eye surgery should be aware of possible side effects that may occur. The most common side effects associated with LASIK include glare, halos with night vision, and dry eyes. In many cases, LASIK eye surgery side effects disappear within a few days to several months after the procedure. However, side effects of LASIK spent more than six months is important to undergo an eye exam with your surgeon. For more information on statistics related to LASIK side effects, visit our Statistics LASIK.
Sensitivity to light

Sensitivity to light is one of the most commonly experienced LASIK side effects. While it is tempting for patients to touching or rubbing the eyes when this feeling experience, this could hinder the healing process or eye damage during LASIK recovery. Sensitivity to light in general, subsidies within the first few days after a LASIK procedure.
Halos, Starbursts, and glare

Halos, Starbursts, glare and other vision problems can occur when the overall corneal flap does not adhere properly in the eyes after he is replaced, or when it dilates the pupil to a size that is larger than the treatment area. These complications of LASIK surgery more often disappear within the first month after a LASIK procedure, but if symptoms persist, the use of glasses or additional treatment can usually solve this problem.
Visual Regression

The loss of visual clarity or regression, one of the most unusual LASIK side effects, it is usually only temporary and is produced during the first months of healing. Visual regression after LASIK surgery is usually caused by wrinkles or creases in the corneal flap in the cornea or hazing and often resolved as healing progresses. Women on hormone therapy may be at particular risk of regression, and should discuss all medications they are taking with your doctor to avoid the laser eye surgery complications. If you're unsure whether you are a suitable candidate for LASIK, please visit our website at Candidacy LASIK.
Dry Eye

One of the most frequent complications of LASIK surgery is the dryness of the eyes, which can manifest itself in the form of redness, itching, blurred vision, scabs, or the feeling that there is a foreign body in the eye. Fortunately, after LASIK complications of dry eye tends to subside in the first three months after surgery, and are easily alleviated by the use of preservative-free drops lubricants. If there are dry eyes after his LASIK procedure, contact your doctor to learn what kind of eye drops will be more effective in alleviating their symptoms.
Loss of contrast sensitivity

Loss of contrast sensitivity after LASIK surgery can impair the patient's ability to discern objects clearly. This is particularly noticeable in low-light conditions and at night can affect driving ability. Patients often find that contrast sensitivity is returning to normal within six months.
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